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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Busch Gardens Trip

So on Saturday July 31, 2010 I was at Busch Gardens which was 111 degrees well that is with the Heat index and what not. The only down fall was they wouldn't open all parts of the park until 30 minutes after it opened. So we were stuck riding the stupid wooden roller coaster which was not my favorite one due to all the wood and the shaking of the coaster and what not. Then after they opened the rest of the park we went on the Shiekra which was one of the coolest coasters that I've been on in a while! We got to ride that twice in a row along with all the other coasters! We were crazy and got to the park at 8:45 which was cool cause we got to see this cool band who plays when they open! LOL! Anyway we went on two water rides which was cool! Then we left at 6PM after watching 3 really cool shows! One was about how animals and humans can get along together! Which was really cute. The second show we saw was this 4D movie which was interesting and refreshing after all the heat and what not. Then the last show was the craziest we saw there. There was this guy who would balance a bunch of stuff on his chin, the craziest was the ladder! LOL!

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